Staying In This Great Country

Staying in This Great Country

The Important Services That A Naturalization Lawyer Can Provide To You

Rachel Curtis

People who come to this country as immigrants often grow to love it. They want to stay here and pursue a path to citizenship. However, as an immigrant yourself, you may not be sure of how to put yourself on this path. You can find out how to become a citizen and pursue the process of becoming a legal resident by hiring a naturalization attorney to represent you.

Proving Your Identity

One of the more critical parts of pursuing citizenship involves proving your identity. Immigration authorities in this country will want to know that you are who you say you are and that you are not using a fraudulent name or identity.

When you hire a naturalization lawyer, you can show your identity successfully to the government. Your lawyer can assist you in obtaining and filing documents like your birth certificate, lawfully issued identification card, fingerprints, and other proof to show your real identity. They can make sure that this proof remains on file and validates your identity during the naturalization process.

Submitting the Right Application

You will also need to fill out and submit an application to become a lawful citizen. Your naturalization lawyer knows how and where to find this application. They can assist you in completing it fully and submitting it to the right division with the immigration authorities.

Your attorney will make sure that you answer all of the questions as thoroughly as possible and do not omit information on purpose. If some of the questions on the application need further explanation, your naturalization lawyer can send in a letter outlining those answers. They will ensure that there is no reason for the application to be denied or sent back to you.

Finally, your naturalization lawyer can help you prepare for taking the test. You will need to study for the citizenship test to ensure that you pass it. Your lawyer can point out resources to help you pass the exam and avoid having to retake it again.

Your naturalization lawyer can ensure that everything is in order for you to be approved for permanent residency and become a naturalized citizen. They can assist you in obtaining documents to prove your identity. Your lawyer can likewise assist you in completing the application to request becoming a citizen. Your naturalization lawyer can also help you study for the test. Reach out to a naturalization lawyer to start the process. 


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