Staying In This Great Country

Staying in This Great Country

Moving To Work In The United States: How To Obtain The EB-3 Green Card

Rachel Curtis

Are you a skilled professional with a degree or a lot of training in a specific field? If you've earned a degree but you're not a resident of the United States and you'd like to move to the United States to have opportunities to earn a decent wage while using the skills you've acquired, you may want to apply for the EB-3 Green Card. Although applying for a temporary work visa is an option, you might want to move to the United States on a permanent basis without worrying about moving back to the country you were born and raised in.

Important Reasons to Seek Permanent Residency

If you're a doctor, teacher, nurse, or other professional who has obtained a degree in a specific field, you may want to move to the United States to have access to better job opportunities. Job opportunities may be limited in the area where you're currently living, making it hard for you to make a living while trying to help people with the skills you have. It's possible you've even received an offer from a company in the United States.

The specific set of skills you've acquired could be in demand in the United States. For example, there is always a demand for medical professionals, including nurses, physicians, and surgeons. With less competition and more job openings, it could be much easier for you to find employment in the United States. It's important for you to seek permanent residency rather than just a temporary residency because you want to make sure you'll be able to stay in the country after getting hired and adjusting to life in America.

How to Get Started With the Filing Process

If you want to come to the United States, you should start by consulting with an immigration attorney who works in the country. The immigration attorney can explain a bit more about the process while telling you what types of documents you're going to need when applying for the EB-3 work-related Green Card. There are a few different requirements. For example, you'll need to have a bachelor's degree in the specific field you're working in and there must be a demand for workers in that industry. If a bachelor's degree isn't required for the position, you'll need to prove you have at least two years' worth of experience and training. You must have evidence to support your educational background claims and then you'll need to fill out the I-140 form, which is a form for immigrants who are requesting to work in the United States. Having an immigration attorney there to walk you through this process is a great way for you to get it done faster while making sure you're doing it correctly.

Would you like to use the skills and experience you have to help people in the United States? Do you want to move to the country to have access to better job opportunities? If so, you should consider applying for the EB-3 Green Card, which would allow you to live and work in the United States legally and on a permanent basis. If you're not sure how to start this process, speak to a law office like David Borts Law Office who can provide guidance.


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