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Applying For A Marriage-Based Green Card? 4 Tips To Help You Avoid Costly Errors

Rachel Curtis

If you're going to be applying for a marriage-based green card, you should be prepared for a long process. You may be married now, but the Department of Immigration is going to be very thorough in their research before they grant you a green card. They'll take as much time as they need to investigate your case, which means you'll need to be prepared for the entire process. Any mistakes could jeopardize your case, resulting in a denial of your green card application. To help you get through the process, here are four steps you'll need to take. Following these steps can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Double-Check the Filing Procedures

When it comes to filing for green card status, you should know that there are several different categories of green cards, as well as many different offices to file through. When you submit your application for a marriage-based green card, you need to double-check the filing procedures. For instance, you'll need to ensure that you're filing the right paperwork, in the proper order, and through the right office. You'll also need to submit the right filing fees. Failing to do all those things correctly could result in your application being denied, which means you'll need to appeal the decision, and start over. You can alleviate the headaches by ensuring your following the proper procedures before you file.

File as Soon as You're Married

You might think that you have plenty of time to file the application. Unfortunately, that's not entirely true. While there isn't a deadline for when you can file for a marriage-based green card, the sooner you apply, the sooner your application will be processed. It can take several months for applications to be processed. To make sure yours is taken care of in a timely manner, be sure to submit your application as soon as you're married.

Get Your Details Straight

Once your application is submitted, you and your spouse will be called into the immigration office for several interviews. The immigration agents will be looking for signs that your marriage isn't legitimate, meaning you got married for the sole purpose of obtaining your green card. It's important that you and your spouse have the same answers, but that they don't sound rehearsed. Before the interview, sit down with your spouse and talk about the important details of your marriage, and relationship. You and your spouse should know the date you met, when and where you had your first date, as well as other important details.

Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Now that you're going to be applying for your marriage-based green card, don't take chances. You need to hire an immigration lawyer, like Carmen DiAmore-Siah Attorney At Law, to help you avoid mistakes that could cause your application to be denied.



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